Friday, August 13, 2010

Confessions to and from a colon hydrotherapist

People say the darndest things to their colon hydrotherapist...and I'm not just talking about poop stories.  I’m talking about the things that you would only say to your deepest loved ones or your therapist.  
You know how it goes.  You are going to the salon for a simple hair cut and as soon as the stylist (or hair artist as mine likes to be called) touches your scalp, you are telling not just anything but all...Well folks, the same thing is true when the other end is stimulated.  Hence "The Bottom Line"-a blog to share some of those very interesting confessions and then some.*
This was really my friend Thomas’s idea. Thomas is a fashion designer extraordinaire and an all around fabulous, fun human being.  We have shared a love of many things through the years:  gardening, low budget fashion, bike rides, being nerds, food, and most importantly good bum cleanings.  So as you can imagine, many a colonic has been had followed by bike rides, carrot juice and good chats.  And I, as the colon hydrotherapist, find myself talking on and on about the fascinating things that can happen in one (yes, just one) colon hydrotherapy session!** Thomas, being the designer he is, suggested the coffee table book: Confessions To a Colon Hydrotherapist.
And while this is no coffee table book, it is much much more:  The best of 12 years of confessions to and many more from a colon hydrotherapist.  I am positive you will be deeply moved, charmed, and inspired!  Colonics, food, lives, people, bikes, nerds, cooking, low budget fashion, and if you are lucky a story or two about my son...

* Just a little disclaimer here:  colon hydrotherapy sessions are completely confidential.  This blog will share revelations, general topics of health, and overall interesting stories that will be sure to delight and inspire you without divulging any client's name or personal information.
**Again, colon hydrotherapy sessions are completely confidential!

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  1. Great job on the KBOO interview! We just finished listening. You spoke very well and explained things in simplistic detail. Nice work!