Friday, September 17, 2010

Colonics are so wonderfully un-cool!

Yep, that's me on the colonic equipment!
People can’t have their cool on when they have a tube in their ass.  For me, this is a great thing.  Sometimes I am alarmed at how we walk around the world showing so little of our insides on the out.  Sure sure, we might look cute, dress great, have good style, but who are you people really? And most importantly, why do you only show the world that you have it all together?
My boys!
As many of you know, my lovely husband, Eric, is one of the most creative and talented musicians in this town.  He leads an ensemble called Vagabond Opera.  They are cool.  I mean really super uber cool;  They wear fancy fun costumes and make-up;  They have hula-hoopers, fire, and belly dancers;  Eric plays the accordion;  Someone plays the musical saw;  And on top of all that, they make really good music and they sing opera.  (If you need to be awed and delighted, you should definitely see them.) 
Vagabond Opera, looking cool!
But as I said before, they are really cool.  As if living in Portland, Oregon wasn’t hipsterville enough, this Burning man, Country Fair community is in my proverbial backyard.  I often feel surrounded by the coolest, flashiest, good-looking-est people on the planet!  

Now I’m all for sparkly spectacular goodness.  I love to be delighted visually, but I am a girl who wants it all.  I want to go deep and know the nitty gritty of this and your existence. 
This is yet another reason that being a colon hydrotherapist is the greatest job on earth.  Because when you come to see me, you are vulnerable.  It feels a little funky to have water go up your butt.  Sometimes you feel crampy.  And for the love of god there is loads and loads of poop coming out of you and someone is seeing it.  This is definitely not a place you could or should hold it all together.  (As mentioned in the last blog, having a colonic is all about letting go, physically and otherwise.)  And luckily that means you can’t have your cool on!   

We are so much more than what our culture tells us we should look, show, and act like.  And yet there are so few places that welcome us to let our guard down.  At All's Well That Ends Well, I am proud to say that we delight in the emotional and spiritual dump that you may need to have as much as the physical one.  And believe it or not, showing yourself is liberating. 
Now I’m not proposing that you immediately run home and invite the neighbors over to watch you poop, but I do propose this:  Showing your shit is a very very good thing.  Who you are in the midst of all of your delights and upsets matters.  And personally, you being real is a huge relief.  I like hearing stories about your struggles, passions, and desires.   I like that there is something real to hold onto in the world beyond the facade.  And how can we possibly know what we have to let go of when we are holding ourselves so tightly together?
The messed up part is that we have all been horribly shamed about what our precious bodies do.  Our poop stinks.  We fart.  We drool.  Our bodies secrete all sorts of fluids inconveniently.  Colon hydrotherapy is not magic.  A colonic will not take away a bad childhood, suffering, years of shame and humiliation, but it is a place that you have to be real.  And to that I say, “Hooray!”

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